Tuesday, December 8, 2009

is santa mad i'm baking?

I have had this wooden santa for longer than i can remember & he's always been a dear to my heart, however, i never quite remembered him looking so very disgruntled until i was baking yesterday with the wee ones...hmmm...the cookies turned out simply wonderful, however, everytime i looked up on the windowsill there he was lookin' kind of grim...made me start thinking 'have i made santa mad?' 'are sugar cookies not his thang?'...i really have worked at being a good girl...i even had the chimney cleaned...oh santa...

So here is to the holiday season, even with it's eagle eyes and often doubtful looks. I love it all, and am so happy to have a house full of holiday loveliness.

How is your holiday going? do share if you dare.

Still Lily

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