Tuesday, June 28, 2011

wee little lady...

yesterday found me in one of my fav fav thrifting spots, with little ones in tow, and as much as i thought that might be a tad bit crimping of my shopping style...it was delightful!

at first there did not seem to be too much to my liking, then around a corner, on a table scattered with various treasures...there she was standing proudly just a few inches high in all her wooden beauty, with her hair cropped blond & short (like moi), she had the most lovely dress, which surely was handpainted in her homeland of Finland...she has traveled long (and perhaps a bit hard, for there are a few scratches on her backside) to find me.

she cost so little and has already brought much happiness and inspiration such that i cannot explain...
this wee little lady now sits quite cheerfully on my desk where she recounts tales of adventure, friends, men folk in faraway lands and lessons learned....she is sure to meet some new friends around this country home not far from the sea in no time at all.

her name is yet to be determined, but if you know me, you know, she will be adorned with a rightful name before weeks end...

here is to little ladies who find their way into our homes, give us inspiration, mystery and insight from a lonely spot on a consignment table to the warm and fuzzy spot on my sunny desk

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