Thursday, June 2, 2011

No plans, are the best plans...

Sometimes when there is no plan to do anything too special on a long holiday weekend...well, that can be the very best plan of all.

When friends call and have extra space to camp, you load up and go, with simply bathing suits, p.j.'s some snacks (and your camera bien sur)...there was much time spent with toes in the sand, collecting rocks, dragging seaweed, endless time dodging waves, some assessing of surf, then surfing, a bit of fishing, more sand in the toes, bocce ball tournaments, contemplating what to snack on next and overall just relaxing...for not one bit of planning involved...I would most certainly call that a good weekend...I sense Summer close around the corner, and I am ready.

Here is hoping yours found you relaxing and enjoying the weather, wherever you might be.

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