Friday, June 10, 2011

i think it is here...

When I was a little girl, I remember how, in California, the transition from Spring to Summer was so clear...well, there was always a bit of 'June Gloom' but overall, the onset of Summer was quite evident..and the warmth of this time of year was undeniable...what has happened?...I am not too sure...Mother Nature is an odd gal of late, the one real definite sign that Summer is here, is that school is out in a few days.
I sometimes dream of living somewhere completely different, maybe colder (no snow please), maybe wetter (but not too much rain please), by the sea, in an old house, with a studio (already standing) out back...but then I look around where I live, these green hills, this old home, the warmth of the sun (when it does come out) , the ocean not far from here...and I realize this is truly home...for all the unpredictability and bi-polar ways of mother nature...this is home.

Here is to the start of summer...

I think.

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