Saturday, June 18, 2011

on days such as these...

sometimes when children are sick...doesn't happen a whole lot...but when it does..
you stay home and secretly enjoy the solitude of homelife (and constantly hope they get better soon), but embrace the fact that you all do not have to go anywhere..anytime soon...and so you:

build forts and pretend to live in 100 year old castles in faraway, exotic Scotland or Texas and places like that...

you draw toucans with oil pastels..because oil pastels..ROCK
you take countless water breaks on your unending worksite..also known as your backyard..which, no matter how much work you do...never seems to be close to finished...enjoy the process...that is my mantra.
and you plant..plant...plant and love what you about you?

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  1. Kelly!!

    Looks like a rather heavenly day, lady :)