Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hoop on in...

I've been thinking a lot about hoops lately...and using the word 'hoop' in countless ways (most often in my head so as not to have anyone call the paddy wagon on me), you are thinking what the heck (interject 'hoop') is she talking about...let me tell you:

have a hoopy day
you are hoopin' hilarious
it's as hot as hoop out here
what the hoop?
this salad is hoopalicious
i really hoop i can do this

you get the idea...isn't it great how when a thought, vision, word comes into play, it can morph into so many interesting things...
now, get to the point, you say...

all available in my wee shop here

I have hoops on my mind...and on my workbench they keep a coming...
it's hooping great!

Hoop you doing?
ok ok enough

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