Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Straight front and true...

square (sq'war)~ having a straight front; true; upright; honest; just

This is one of the definitions in my old vintage dictionary...and quite perfect, wouldn't you say?

It would seem there is a certain attraction to circles and squares in the work of my hands lately.

With the start of school has come some shifts and transitions as we busy ourselves once again for the time crunch of the bell in the a.m., then the afternoon quiet of homework, shuffling to sports and all things which occupy the lives of young ones.  

There is a coolness in the air and the seasons, well, as we know them in California, are once again coming to pass into the next...

With all the traditions and fun that Fall brings...I am focusing on
slowing down,
breathing a little deeper,
looking at what is right around me a bit closer,
and truly taking in the moments of wonder
that happen regularly. 

straight front
 and just...

How about you?

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