Thursday, September 26, 2013


Something happens at this time of year, as much as I enjoy Summer and the warmth of long beach days, barbecue gatherings, late mornings lounging in PJ's...there is something so comforting in the arrival of Fall, when the air turns crisp, the days are shorter, the warm glow of the fireplace, brisk walks to really is a wonderful time of year.  This Fall I look forward to all of the above and more...
I enter this season with many intentions and thoughts of things to are a few:
walking with family after early dinners
creating in a brand new space where the light and the quiet are dreamy
taking care to make comforting foods, soups and vegetables for my family
self care by way of yoga, exercise and time in sauna regularly
more herbal tea
travel and exploration close to home with my little family
clearing my mind and closet

How's the start of Fall in your neck of the woods?

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