Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coming full circle

My old vintage dictionary defines the word 
Cir-cle- a round body; a plane figure bounded by a single curved line called it's circumference; a number of persons or things united by a common bond; to encompass; move in a circle.

I rather like these definitions, all of them...

Circles are something that I am drawn to...not sure if it is the simple line curvature which joins to meet at one point, perhaps it is the symbolic flow of life, maybe it is just the plain old fact that hoops and circles are cool in a simple and chic way...

And because they look so darn great with everything from an old t-shirt and jeans to that fav little black dress...

Each and every one is unique as they are shaped and forged by hand, some are a bit off and have an organic sort of I'mPerfect feel...and that my fine lovelies is a wonderful thing.
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