Thursday, October 25, 2012


It seems like not very long ago at all, he was wrapped like a burrito in a hospital blanket, that sweet baby smell...I miss it so...
wasn't it just yesterday that he came home to sleep in the bassinet next to our bed only for a few days then had to return to the NICU for heart surgery?
 wasn't it only yesterday that I laid awake with knots the size of watermelons in my stomach?
 that I cried so hard and from a place in my heart I never knew existed?
 that I wondered so many things about the nature of life,
the why's and what's and how comes?
wasn't it just yesterday that he ate his first solid food?
...giggled that infectious giggle,
 walked on the beach,
wrote his name,
started pre school,
 learned to ride his scooter?

All those countless people who told me how fast time would go when you were born
my dear amazing son...
they were quite right.  
Filled with so many wonderful, breath taking moments,
all of them (of course some frustrating ones as well)...
but for each moment I must remember and I do my best,
to try and cherish, bask in your warmth and happiness...
for you are the most...
well, really, there are no words to describe...
my heart is filled and grows each day...
Happy 7 Year Birthday
sweet one.

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  1. Ahhh..what a sweet post! Happy happy Birthday handsome Saxon!! xo Cat and Keir