Monday, October 8, 2012

mud makes me happy...

This past weekend I woke up in the dark, made a kale smoothie, loaded up my family...

sunrise on the way...

(yes, that is duct tape so my shoes don't get sucked up by the mud)

met up with some wonderful gal pals and I ran in a Mud Run, I have never ran a marathon, nonetheless an obstacle course in the mud and sludge...but let me tell you, it was awesome!

 I am not a runner by nature (prefer yoga and swimming and such) but I trained a bit for this run and in that process I have grown to like running a little more, am I going to run everyday & start signing up for marathons...nope, but the whole running thing is rather therapeutic.

(it appears i am alone, but because they stagger the start there are not a lot of people running so no i am not coming in 1st or last!)

In life we have to focus and most of the time live in our 'stuff', when running I let go and there are no real thoughts in the old noggin...just the rhythmic sound of my feet, breath and whatever song is coming through my earbuds. 

 This run was as challenge and through the process of physically pushing myself, I learned that it really does feel good to set a goal and reach it, to push hard for something and reap the benefits both physically and mentally.  
I liked the mud, I liked the sludge, I liked running to my own beat, pacing myself and conquering the next obstacle be it barrels in muddy water, tubes uphill in the dirt, rope swings over deep mud, crawling on all fours in sloshing brown was truly fun.
Having my little family there with me, and friends who I did it alongside with (well, they were ahead a bit if truth be told) was even a better part of it.  My wee ones got to watch me emerge a dirty mummy mess but a happy one at that, for I had done it! 

donated shoes get cleaned and given to needy folks around the globe

 Dr. Brunner's soaps had a foam shower down after, it was so cool

there were some sights to see...

 and after a clean up and change, there was a free beer afterwards for all the runners!

Your weekend might not have been so dirty, but I am hoping it was just as fun!

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