Thursday, October 7, 2010

the perfect protest

taking part in a protest this week (to be carried on indefinetly) called The Perfect Protest, I just love love this whole concept, and Brene Brown for putting this out into the world to join in. I am embracing my imperfections in all their glory. With everything I have on my plate these days between kids, business, home, life, I find myself thinking that I have to do them all perfectly and appear to have everything all together...when in fact, I don't and that is just fine. I am letting go of so many ties that bind which are bred from the idea of having to be perfect. I am fogiving myself and loving all the imperfections, which in all reality, are me. So I am throwing perfection out the window and bidding it farewell, it was not a welcomed guest and has done no good. No more Mrs. Perfection here!

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