Wednesday, October 6, 2010

lone fisherman...

our wee man sz has taken to fishing...oddly enough, this has not, in the past, been a family sport per se, he became enthralled with this interesting pastime while we were up north on the coast and he met a little guy his age who enjoyed squirrel fishing...yep, tie a carrot on the end, cast off into the bushes and wild yonder and watch the squirrels shoot out of the blue every which way to catch that carrot as it gets reeled in amidst giggles and knee bending, upon our arrival home, he wanted a fishing pole of his own, we obliged, with the understanding that anything caught would be returned to it's rightful home.

last weekend while camping, sz made it very clear that surf fishing was going to take place during our trip (and that did not stop being made clear, over and over and over again)...what came about, was quite a interesting surprise for me.
our 4 year old, who by, most counts, just loves to run like a wild indian and holler and hoot, climb on rocks, dig sand moats and do such boy things...however, when he got that bait on his hook and tied on his wee weights with the help of dad, he headed down to the shore alone and there he stayed, calmly, quietly, casting and reeling in amongst the waves and tide, every once in a while looking back when casting so as to make sure no one was walking by he might snag a hook on.
he reminded me of an old soul, still and peaceful and taking it all in, the ocean in all its wonder and enjoying just being on his own, doing his own thing. these little ones surprise in so many wonderful ways, it just never ceases to amaze.

may your day be peaceful and calm, even if it is not at the shore casting your line.

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