Tuesday, March 2, 2010

all in a day

so so many times when i am with my wee ones, i am in awe at their mini-me-ness...how much a mirror they are of me and FZ...of course, they are, for they are us, in a smaller version, but really, it is truly amazing and at times leaves me without words (not something i am used to) for it is pretty remarkable...

...so as this twenty ten year finds me slowing down, taking it all in, and trying not to get so overwhelmed...i find beauty in the little things, art everywhere, and downright marvelousness all around...there are new creative ventures on the horizon for which i am most excited (let me just hint that these hands are splattered with beautiful shades of paint)...but for now, i take a breath, enjoy, and relish in the moments that surround me...
a toenote: these pics are taken near an old bridge which has been blocked, thus appearing as we are walking down the middle of a hwy...a closed down hwy
have a lovely evening
still lily

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