Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lovely wild things...

i realize we are a bit late, well, in the way of movies that is just common around these parts...however, we rented (and soon will buy, something we never do) the most wonderful, heartful, sweet and very message driven movie (which I am sure you have all seen by now) Where the Wild Things Are...i probably need not say that this has been a favorite book around this country home by the sea, for many many years between both wee ones, a girl and a boy...this movie brought me back down, to reality in many ways, to slow down ways, to stop and listen ways, to really look at things with open eyes ways, to see through the eyes of children love loved it so much, made me cry and laugh and ponder, which are often good to do all within a small time frame.
so as i say, i am quite sure you have seen it, but if you have not, please treat yourself and do so, if you have, well, won't hurt to do it again!
have a dreamy evening lovelies...

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