Monday, March 22, 2010

little here...little there...

these days i find myself captured by canvas, paints, old books and time spent at my new paint table...i have no formal training in the way of painting on canvas, i learn and grow as i go, which is rather fun, as i have no clue of where a piece will take me. rather grand to just let things manifest as they will...such is a good reminder in life as well, yes?

so although i must do a shop update and get some new work up on my wee shelves, i thought i'd share a glimpse of somethings to come~maybe in the shop one day?...if i muster up the courage to open that door...hmmm we'll have to see (that's me pondering the possibilities of such atop my hillside)

now you go gently and have a delightful day.

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