Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saddlin up...

I have not been here too much over the past week as these hands have been busy with of a wonderful kind, that is, as I prepare for the show. My heart has been full at times, a bit overwhelmed other times, downright excited much of the time, a little tired sometimes, and just basically feeling happy all over with new designs, fresh ideas, inspirations which keep me surprised and keep knockin' on my door.
I have felt the pull of my roles this week, as I keep in check with all that is important...the wee ones, the husband, the creative calls, well life really. I made time each night for FZ and I to hang, and left my work in the studio, let my mind rest, and reminded my heart that it would be there in the morning and that worked. I stepped out of a race, and took my stride as it came, accepted it for that, and it was all good. I did not fret when last night I had not finished a design and decided to put it up on the shelf, and let it be till I had the time...for the next show. In the last week, I have had many interesting and awe inspiring small occurences which have left me knowing that I am in the right place, every part of my being is taking the path that feels right. I will not detail them, but trust me, one in particular was very special.
So, off I go riding into the unknown tomorrow at dawn, saddling up and facing the fear of exposing my work, not really worried about how it will all be received, but rather that I must do this, it is such a part of who I am.

Thanks for letting me share. Wish me luck and have a delightful day. I will be back very soon, also will post the clip from the news show I was featured on this a.m.;) Fun stuff, I tell you.
Be gentle, wise and have fun.

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