Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finding balance

Somedays are harder than others to find balance...that is just the way it is, for all of us, I know. I have had more of those kinds of days lately, so I pour the tea (tension tamer) and breathe as I move through all that needs to be done. Somedays I ask myself where is my creative taking me?...should I even go there?...what am I doing?....all these heavy negatives at times sit on my shoulders, and then I remember they are the same voices that prevented me from being where I now am, for so long. I have heard much about this book and figure maybe it is time for me to get it and read it. So, as I prepare for this show in just a couple weeks, I am reveling more in the silence of my creative realm, not the nagging doubtful little tidbits of negative that seep in and wilt my soul...instead, it is in the quiet and peaceful moments of creating that I remember and know this is where I belong and is all my own. I can then bring to the table all the fullness that I feel and let it flow, it is funny how the wee ones pick up on all that and they learn to listen to those quiet, happy voices too...I hope.

Have a great day!

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