Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fond of Fall & random thoughts

I have not been as blog present as I would like lately and that will soon change for those of you who visit me here.

Today woke to crisp and cool temps, and now is sunny and warm with a nice breeze, that is my weather reporting for So. Cal. and many may laugh when I say that even with a 75+ day it is feeling very Fallish here (yes, you read that right) and I love Fall. I really actually love every season when they roll around and am ready for each one's arrival.

Luke's been working beside me in the studio, and as much as he is like a teenager in many of his actions, he is a loyal and loving sidekick and I am grateful for him.

And I am happy to report that a new batch of lovelies have arrived in my studio and now the fun has begun!

And lastly, in this very random post, is proof that our new chalkboard pocket door at the entry is being put to wonderful use...

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