Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wood, Wood...Beautiful Wood.

I met today with my 'Woodsman' for the first time, and Oh My, what a bountiful and beautiful load of wood I walked (drove) away with! I am sooooo excited and happy, to just peg a few emotions.
One piece is over 5 Ft. tall...and many are over 100 years old...I am in love.
You know you are hooked to what you do when you can't pick enough out of a huge truckload of pieces and you want to just climb up in the back and dig, dig, dig.
I cannot wait to get out there, to my studio, even though dinner must be made and wee ones must be tended to (not to mention husbands and dogs) but the beauty awaits will be patient and kind and knows as soon as I can, I am there...
Creative journeys have no itineraries...they just take you where you need to go without maps and directions and it is a wonderous adventure.

Have a simply marvelous weekend. And may you all have a wee lie-in filled with marvelous dreams.


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