Monday, July 13, 2009

For the love of Summer...

I had to stop today and take in all that is it's amazing beauty, warmth, rituals, and well, wonder...
I am always comforted and soothed by the sweetness of these days.
Of course, having two little lovelies around me all day make the simple so divine.
What am I talking about... well, for instance:
  • Popsicles
  • Painting on the patio
  • Dirty feet
  • Sandy bums
  • Salty skin
  • Dready hair
  • Warm sand on my toes
  • Tidepools at sunset
  • Tan bodies smelling of chlorine
  • Leisurely snuggles in the a.m.
  • Books on the glider in the sunshine and wind
  • Picking tomatoes and eating them like apples
  • Planting tomatoes and watching them grow
  • Crushed ice in water (yes that is simple, but so lovely)
  • Wearing cool hats, sandals and flowy dresses
Just to name a few...
I love Summer...always have and that will never, ever change.

If you are where it's warm, enjoy...
if you are not at this moment, just wait, because it is always worth it.
Stay warm & happy.

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