Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Push and Pull

So, I am happy to report that recently I was accepted into the Talmadge Art Show and among a variety of feelings, I am taken by nervousness and excited about this first official show and how my work will be received. The push and pull of creative forces exists so strong within me at times that often I am not sure which is which.

I am hopeful that my designs pull me into their creation
and push me through to what will follow.
I sometimes stand in my studio and wonder what will develop next, and other times I cannot get in there fast enough to work on a new design idea...I suppose that is life.
I had a home accident today and have been left with a soon to be black eye, lovely, and, yes the doorknob really did hit my face! After icing and a Dr. visit, I am fine, little slow and headachish but fine.

I suppose it would not hurt to slow down, and go with the pushing and pulling of this force within...so onward I march, whilst being cautious of doorknobs and puppies.
Have a great day!

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