Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On the down low...

As a Mum of two small children, and as a general fact, I stand tall, I have always been tall, (not always a great thing when I was younger) and as I have grown (not taller) and matured, I have come to embrace my 'tallness'...however, sometimes I feel like I am always looking down at the height challenged folk who so happily fill my life...(so love their little beings)...I am always reminding myself that I need to GET down to eye level...

All it takes is bending knees and gettin' down there, I always encourage 'eye contact' with my lovelies and so they deserve that as well, sometimes, we get busy and forget, so I am making a pact to get down low, so to speak, and embrace all their words and interests at eye level. After all, they are always growing, as should we!

Have a down low (in a good way) day!

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