Wednesday, April 17, 2013

glimpse in the moonlight (nightlight)...

today was filled with what most days are filled with...
wake up
utter words of adoration to wee ones who are still sleeping
stuff lunches
set breakfasts on counter
homework packed
all in place 
before 7:15 a.m.
out the door
then the creative dabblings of a mum trying to focus throughout the day...
pick up from school
race to cub scout outing
lovely gem and minerals museum
open house at school
such lovely feats of intelligence viewed and shared
dinner out at a restaurant
glass of wine
talk amongst us
just our family of 4
joking on each other
tree climbing outside the restaurant
rolling like barrels down a hill 
with sprinklers full on
more laughing
then home
and in a single moment of quiet blissful, routine...
the most amazing and heart warming moment 
of the day
both of their silohettes outlined by the moonlight nightlight in their bathroom...
as they brushed their teeth
i laid on his bed looking on...
astonished at my luck
taken back by the calm 
the warm glow
the wonder that surrounds me
and i realized in one second
how amazing my life is
thanks to them...
and so it all comes full circle
and i am such a wonderfully happy lucky girl...
good night you lovely folk...

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