Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 tidbits...

10 Things 
(that you didn't know about me)

1. I actually do not really like to talk on the phone at all.

2. I lived in Hawaii for over 10 years and made the most amazing friends a girl could ever ask for, I miss them very much.

3. I struggle with guilt around being a good mom and making the right choices.

4. I don't like chocolate.

5. Sometimes I get lost on blog hops and get down when I see the perfectness that seems to be some peoples lives...(working on not doing that, no one's life is perfect).

6. I have a clog collection.

7.  I have a scarf collection.

8. I love to cook but not to bake.

9. I don't do so good in large crowds or with loud noises.

10.  I love to read but feel like I don't have enough time to open my books. your turn.

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