Wednesday, January 25, 2012

on hats and breaking through...

it is a bit of a mystery but for some reason since the age of around 9 i have knitted...however, in all the years (it's quite a few years, mind you), all the yarn, all the work has ever resulted in have been scarves, long scarves, short scarves, scarves that get sewn together to make cowl neck scarves, sure, i got creative and made some wrist/arm warmers and even a headband, but never have i learned to read a pattern, or understand knitting lingo...i am not saying these things because i think it rather admirable to just stay in a wee box and just do what you know/are comfortable with, au contraire mes amis, i guess there is a bit of charm in just teaching oneself ladadada, so low and behold, i went out and bought myself some needles on the round (this, before was a very daunting act),...took a few tries and many pots of tea, but here she is my first hat ever (still needs to be sewn at top)...
this brings me to a point and back to this idea...i trusted i could do the hat thing (which, btw was pretty silly easy), i must trust that i can make and bring to completion the other creatives of which i do so can happen...with trust.
what might you be trusting in these days?

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