Wednesday, January 4, 2012

word for a year...

I, like so many, do subscribe to the thought that a word for the year is a wonderful thing...I cannot give you my words of years past or how I have a track record of the remarkable ways that word worked for me and took me to new heights, for there is something about me that, at some point in the year lets the word slip out of my mindset and vocabulary.

There are so many things of which I do creatively that I do not follow through on, so many avenues untraveled and ideas un-nurtured and as a result I just become overwhelmed by all I want to do and have done, but do not know what direction to go with them all.

So, I have been spending the last 3 days of this brand spanking New Year mulling over words, I find myself distracted in Yoga thinking of my intentions...odd as that might seem.
I would like to expand, stay focused, be present, feel lighter of heart, laugh more, resolve, be true, and well, the list really could go on...however, I have decided that the word of the year for me is going to be...are you ready?
drumroll please...
my heart
just to name a few...

what is your word for the year?

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