Thursday, May 12, 2011

taking some time...

It seems so easy to get caught in the rush of it you feel that? In the everyday go go gets a bit much at times and feels like a tornado passing by (continuously)...all it seems one can hear is the whirlwind of life which often gets overlooked and underenjoyed. By resuming my yoga practice at the start of this year, I have found that my time is slowing, just a little mind you...not that it is actually slowing but I am slowing and taking some time. In doing so, it has become clear that there are many things awaiting my awareness and ready to take flight, these were bypassed before and in the bustle of the hustle never even were noticed.

Now is that time.

Here's to hoping you take some time to hear the wind, not the whirlwind, but the real wind, the one in the trees, passing by dropping a whisper in your ear, blowing pollen through your garden...
Go gently you fine folks.
Still Lily

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