Tuesday, May 3, 2011

have boots...must travel...

That is, travel to new places right here at home...does that make sense? well, it does when you take into account that sometimes the things we need to do to push us into that next place are RIGHT under our own noses...and so, for a few weeks now there has been much flopping and flipping around and not really knowing where things were going, but thanks to a wise friend today who provided direction and a goal to set in place...I think this gal will be moving out and beyond...feeling inspired and lifted. Funny how friends can be right at the right place at the right time and give us just what we needed. Love that...quite simply defines why they are friends, I suppose.

So here is to traveling beyond, right here....a good day to all and to all a calm space.

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  1. Hi, I love to click on items in my profile and see where they will take me. Moss brought me to your blog. I should have known right off the bat you had an Etsy shop...love the designs. I have made many terrariums but yours are really spectacular. Happy day to you. Kathy