Monday, May 16, 2011

something to long for...

My creative work space is cramped & quite uncreative...I cannot deny it, nor can I fool myself. I have configured and adjusted and modified all that a gal can, and still, it is situated in our living space and is cluttered...causing me in turn, to feel cluttered. One cannot create in a zone of clutterness, it is just not right. So, I had to get savy as space in this home in the country, not far from the sea, is limited. I went outside the box, no literally, I went OUTSIDE this box and figured out that there is a lonely piece of land in the yard just calling out for a creative space to be built...honestly, I sat down on the dirt and I heard the trees whisper 'bring us a shed to watch over' I promise. Although, it may also have just been such a deep rooted desire to have some space of my own that caused little voices in my head. Whichever the case, it is starting to happen, FZ even told me today that he has the wood to frame my new shedalicious zone!:) I am scouring for recycled windows and am feeling giddy with excitment...oh the shelves, table, couch, rug, cork board, I think I want a chalkboard is swimming deliciously through my mind.

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