Wednesday, December 1, 2010

tis the season....

they say 'tis the season' well, today i was out there in the hussle and bussle and let me tell you that folks are hardly as kind as they could be...lesson to self: it makes one quite simply happy when you let them in on a traffic line (which, i must note, i always do), and to not be so pushy and in a hurry makes folks a wee bit more gentle and kind...let us practice this season...the work of kindness and consideration, of being patient and seeing what is in front of us, instead of forging ahead of it all...may our hearts know that love and family, friendship and peace is what it is all about, not just for this 'season' but for always...
go gently, enjoy and have fun.

ta ta for now, you fine, delightful and kind folk.

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