Monday, November 29, 2010

i have felt in love...

felting by the christmas tree last night
I have knitted since i was a young girl, taught by my Irish grandmother who would visit sunny California for 6 weeks every year and bring me the most wonderful sweaters, vests (yes, I wore vests back then), hats and mittens. We would sit outside in the sun, or at the kitchen table and knit together, she would fix my mistakes and compliment my work.
I love wool, the smell, texture, working with it, and have been very interested in felting for a long, when this great gal offered up her little workshop, I jumped like a wild banchee.
And well, I have fallen in love with felting and am finding myself thinking of when I can sit down to felt next...

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  1. your felting space is so very inspiring! love that you are in love!