Monday, May 5, 2014

Wee treasure trove...

It would seem that my little blog space here has been seriously neglected over the past months...I am about to change that so stay tuned...blogging has always been a simple and fun way to post things about life, loves, works etc etc you know what I mean...however, life has seemed to get quite overwhelming of late, and sometimes it's not always simple and fun to share...that is the dirt truth.  However, I miss posting here and although I don't really know who comes to visit this space...this will not deter me and I shall keep this little place alive...
speaking of alive, my hands have been alive with work and these are some pieces that were juried into a local gallery..

I am quite happy and excited that my designs will be enjoyed and adorned by lovely ladies from both near and far...more to come.
Hoping you have been well, where you are and that things are good in your little corner.

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