Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Creak went the door...

That's the sound the door to this wee blog space of mine made when I popped in to post this morning...just have not been in the bloggin' mood, apparently, for sometime.  As much as it is fun and creative to post and update and check in, it's also pretty nice to check out and let somethings just be.  

However, as I embark on a journey tomorrow to join with countless new friends in the green forested woods of Northern California, settling into 3 glorious days of creative bliss...I found myself missing this quiet little blog of mine.  

There are times when we need recharging and quiet time away from life to get some introspect on our own lives, what we are doing, where we are headed, what our goals are, how to get unstuck and remain balanced...those all sound quite nice to me about now, so I suppose this is a pretty ideal time for me to take flight (literally).  
Packing metal and art supplies, yoga mat, boots and hats has made me quite grateful and excited to have this here's to adventure, new journey's, connections and creativity!
Go gently kind ones.

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