Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The great, not so great and the truth...

 In case you are not aware, my most talented and hard working husband is building me a 'shedio' (no that is not a word, but I have coined it and so it's mine)...this has been a great dream and labor of love, along with recycled, found, given and bought for such a steal, you would think that is what I did, materials...we are rounding the final turn...however, as exciting as it has all been to go through this process...

it has also been a not so great experience in the creative dabblings realm. 
Not sure why, but for some reason I have put all endeavors with hammer, brushes, paints, canvas, journals, well you get it...on hold.

Why this is, I am not sure...am I holding out till I 'move in'? Am I waiting for the floods to open when I enter this new space? Clutter makes a hard creative companion and so the clutter of getting all my 'stuff' ready to move has rendered me immobile...and well, that is a frustrating place to be.

 the view from my shedio door and window (to be) 

 So, today, I decided to let it go...let it be, it will come...and that is the bottom line, the honest truth my lovely ones...if you push too hard I believe you will just topple and fall...step back, take a breath, steady your step and you will be ready to move on strong.  
That's that.  How you doing over there you bright shining soul?

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