Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eight years...

 Eight years ago today the world became such a brighter place, it was after some major hiccups and life altering experiences you can read a bit here...but wow, 8 years...time seems to slip by faster each year. 

The cliche is really very true that you must enjoy these little ones while they are little... I find myself missing that baby smell and little feet, the way he used to grin in his sleep or that deep giggle at the simplest gesture..

this past weekend was all about his special day with some buddies and lego building, nerf gun capture the flag,  even a piñata and just boys being was so great to see his excitement and happiness in all of the festivities.

 After he went down to sleep that night I took one last peek in at him and in the glow of the nightlight, I leaned in close to give him a kiss and my heart warmed to no end, as there as he lay wrapped in the Star Wars sheets that were his Dad's when he was a boy, this warm soul and sweet boy was grinning.
Life is good.

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