Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I was going to pop in here today to share a yummalicious herby homemade tomato soup recipe, 
discuss a recent realization I had while teaching art to 4th graders, 
ponder on how many fun handmade christmas projects are in the making, 
share how often I feel overwhelmed these days in various facets of daily life...
however, that all just seemed to fade to the sidelines, 
as this morning it occurred to me that all this thought of Christmas 
and what to get and how much there is to do, 
the places to go, people to see...
well, it is just downright overwhelming indeed...
and then I thought about gifts I would like to give and receive, 
truly give and receive...
gifts like...
Second Chances
...aren't these really the gifts that fill us up (with happiness)?  

And so, as much as I know my 7 & 9 year olds will not understand that I am giving them a gift of Patience...
I plan to quietly, continuously work on this gift and a few more to give throughout this Season & New Year.  
With that said, I will probably have to find that Lego set and those special earrings along with my other gifts of Comfort & Joy.
Tis' the Season fine folks...Tis' the Season

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