Monday, April 25, 2011

glitches and such...

This weekend while camping, my old reliable phone took a sick turn of events and stopped working properly, things went haywire and it just came time to put her to rest...this would seem to have been a sign, as I truly come from the belief that one should really not have their cell phone whilst camping anyways, for reasons so obvious there is really no need to elaborate.
This no phone thing, put me in a place of disconnect (very cool place, I might add, where everyone should try visiting frequently), and the peace of mind that came from not knowing the time of day, or if calls were missed or text messages sent and such, was very freeing and calming.
Now, upon returning home, the search for a new phone has become a day long process, and it has started some thinking about all these new 'apps' for phones and photos...I started playing with a few pictures on the computer and have decided that it is time for a new phone/camera adventure.

I am excited to try some new phone photo experiments.
Hope your day is a lovely one!

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