Thursday, June 18, 2009

C'est Moi

I am often plagued by the fear of exposing my work and sharing with the world what I am doing...I must overcome and so, in an effort to capture my work for what it really is (I have so far not been able to do so with my photography skills),
I am enlisting the help of a dear friend, and most talented photographer Jennifer Dery.
So, you are wondering 'Why does this post not have any pictures?'...well, that is precisely the problem, I have none far.
Tomorrow will be the day when my work is caught red handed on film in the most eloquent of ways and so you will have to return for follow up photos and first time viewings.
Join me as I begin the journey down this path which calls to me at all hours to venture and roam, listening to the soul that beakons art in new and natural forms...I go.
Sometimes dark and covered in trees, sometimes hard to see from all the roadblocks that pop up and all the diversions called life, but I step up and move out as I follow my heart...I am excited, scared, hesitant, curious, doubtful but hopeful all at the same time to see where these roads lead. So, I hold on tight to what I believe and carry this head high, face the wind and find what I may along the way.
Have a splendid evening!

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