Monday, November 3, 2014


There have been quite a few items which I have meant to post here in my quiet little space, recipes, tidbits of helpful information, the new smoothie I am obsessed with making everyday...however, I just haven't found the time.  Blogging is a funny thing and at times it's just not in the cards for this gal to pop in and post, also sometimes one just downright doesn't feel it.  
However, I have been simplifying, or trying to, many areas and one is my work, sometimes a person just thinks too hard and too long about something and man oh man if it just doesn't get done due to all that I have taken to simple ideas and seeing them through...the Running in Circles designs are a great example, sweet and simple.  Here are a pair of custom earrings a very lovely gal requested of me...soft and simple and just enough to jazz up any outfit from a t-shirt and jeans to that fav little black dress...I will be creating more of these, no two are the same thanks to these hands...I see colors! 

Thank you for stopping in...
hope you are simply enjoying your day wherever  you may be.

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