Sunday, November 24, 2013

Circle running...

Do you ever feel like you run in circles?
Well, you are not alone my fine one...
Been a little absent from my blog space here lately, but sometimes since it doesn't really seem like there are too many awaiting my arrival, it gets hard to pop in and bring words of interest and inspiration when that is not always what is really, truly happening in this life....and who's reading anyways? Sometimes I'd like to ask 'Hey who are you and would you like to leave me a comment as you sip your tea and visit here?!'

But I suppose if you do not leave one it's because you're not up for comment chat, and well, that is just fine.
So in keeping with what seems to be a bit of a theme in my life these days, I have started a new line called 'Running in Circles'...and here is a sneaky peaky...I am in love with circles, with the raw and unevenness that is created when I hand forge metal and in the soft wrapping and simple design...
Listed soon in my wee shop

How do your circles run?
Happy Sunday you lovely one.

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  1. *Hi Kelly!*
    I'm reading.