Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another year...

It would seem that another year has come to pass and so shall one get added to my age soon...birthday's are a strange and quiet thing to me now, for with children come the excitement, fun and festivities around another year passing & the anticipation of becoming another year older...
as i sit amazed at the speed with which the year zipped by, I try to put into place the things i have done in that year behind me...

did i do all i set out to? 
did i take time to take care of me? 
did i meet my potential and go past any of those walls that seem to pop up in my way? 
did i  listen less to the voice of doubt, to that stinkin thinkin that sometimes takes over? 
was my year filled with as much love as one needs..meaning giving and receiving, did i reach out enough and tell those i loved them that i do? 
did i give up the things i wanted to?
 did i let go a bit more of the sadness from loss and fill that space with light? 
i do not care for fanfare around birthdays, but rather would like to find some quiet, bliss and calm to surround myself,
and perhaps i shall do just that...

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