Sunday, September 2, 2012

little is big...

It was unplanned, unexpected and unforgettable...that we got a puppy this summer.  This is because with 2 already very big dogs, it would not have seemed we would have had room/time/attention for another quadruped...but boy oh boy what we never realized was that was exactly what was missing from our pet situation! 

Meet Zeke, his personality is that of a quiet older gent, although upon greeting acts like a wild little man, he seems to regard himself as a rather large dog in a small dog suit and he lets it be known, he is quite confident and secure in his long, short legged body.  He cuddles like nobody's biz, but informs you clearly if he wants to be  left alone.  

It has made me realize that little can be so big at times and that there is a huge reserve of love just waiting to be unleashed and received.  So here is to small packages which bring joy, laughs, love and so much more! 
Hope your long weekend is going marvelously.

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