Saturday, November 26, 2011


As the weather changes here in So. Cal and I am reminded, as is the case every year, that I am quite a weakling when it comes to the cold...there is no help in the fact that we cannot turn our heat on in this country home not far from the sea, for a family or small village of 4 legged pesty critters decided to take refuge below our abode sometime ago and it would appear that insulation and ducting are some top items of interest to these not-so-fine furry folks, so we go about our routines inside all bundled in woolen layers and scarves...

stop my heart....this reads 'I Love You Mom'
This is to say that the cold has brought me in, literally, within myself, to sit quietly, warmed next to the fire at night, I have been feeling something shift...there is change coming, is it the new year...who knows...but there is much laying in wait...for what this is...i have not a clue...perhaps you feel it too?

At times my feet feel so grounded, solid and strong, but of late, there is a element of quicksand that dwells beneath my footing, slow and quiet it moves around me, if I keep moving it still finds me...this too is shifting, working to make things stronger, solid and planted firmly, to simplify..

I just read this and rather enjoyed

Have a fine fine folk.

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