Wednesday, September 7, 2011

horoscopes and remembering...

Growing up my father always read me my horoscope from the daily newspaper, when I was younger he would read what the little paragraph had to say and predict and then he would elaborate something funny into the end and make it all sound like it was together...

Even after I moved out of the house, he would at times send me clippings of them in the mail with little notes and highlighted areas that he saw related to me directly...I loved hearing the predictions, opening the envelopes with the small square of newspaper inside, and knowing that he was thinking of me everyday.

Dancing at my wedding

7 years has passed since he's been gone, may his big, kind-hearted soul rest peacefully.
Then, yesterday, on his memorial, a funny thing happened, a good friend (who never knew my Dad or our little tradition) told me that she had to send me along my horoscope (her daughter shares the same month as my b-day) and she receives them on her iPhone daily ( a concept my father would have had some strong commentary about), as it was so right on for me at this was not until I opened the email and realized not only was she was right, but how the very act of her sending it was so timely and pulled gently at my heartstrings.

Here is what it said:
You have a special talent, Gemini. It might be as an artist, a singer, or a dancer. Or it might be as a mediator, a mathematician, or a counselor. Whatever it is, though, you have underestimated yourself. You have probably heard from scores of people that you have something special, but you don't take it to heart. But now it's time to explore and pursue that gift of yours and take it to the next level. The universe is offering you special support and inspiration for your untapped talent.

My Dad would have liked that one and I am sure would have added something like
"and you need to wear more deodorant" at sunset yesterday in front of my father's memory bench...

Here's to you Dad, and me and all the memories.
All my heart and love

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