Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a few random things to come...

Not sure if it is due to this fresh new year, or perhaps mere coincidence...but new ideas and creative flow just keep sprouting out of nowhere. On this second week of choices I find the air to be quite clear and this mind downright open.
Oftentimes, I think that the thought of making changes to certain aspects of one's life, is more difficult and daunting than when you actually put out the energy to make them...and then experiencing the results, that you could not imagine before, just helps to keep you opening to new places in your own wee self.

That said, here are a few glimpses of what is on the horizon, sprouting up out here in the country, not far from the sea...to tickle and spark your curiosity.

Have a simply, downright, fantastically marvelous day you kind folk.

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