Wednesday, September 8, 2010

knit me a story...

view of my table while camping

when i was a little girl, my grandmother would visit for 5 weeks every year, to get out of the cold of canada and bask in the warmth of california sun, bake scones & cheese biscuits (of which were the best i have ever had), tell stories and teach me to knit...we would sit out under a tree in our front yard and she showed me the basics of purling, casting on etc...i knitted alongside of her as she would chat and tell stories, while once in a while glancing down at her work, and all the while i was lulled by the gentle, calming, tapping of her needles...she made wonderful sweaters and vests for me, my mum and my sister, and i would bury my face in the smell of the wool and her soft scent woven into the fibers. she had come to canada from the 'old country' ireland where her mother and her mothers mother had all knitted.

knitting took a back burner as i grew and moved into different interests, however, when i was pregnant with my daughter almost 9 years ago, i picked up some bamboo needles and began again to knit.

i am no expert, and i do need to learn more, however, i am teaching my daughter to knit too and hope that she takes to it as i did...and we can knit and purl our bond even tighter, as my grandmother did with me.

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