Tuesday, August 17, 2010

leap of the heart...

s.z. back in 2006
a dear friend found these pics of me & my little man camping at the beach sometime ago...i forget how fast the time goes and they grow and how precious their little chunky cheeks were and how the world turns and changes and things get hectic sometimes and they learn new ways to drive us nuts and how much they run crazy like wild indians and have the power to break glass with their screams...but i realize from these pics which brought tears to my eyes and yes, made my heart skip a beat...that I never, never forget the amazing love and expanse of my heart when it comes to my wee ones, how my life became whole and my being so real when they arrived in our world, as if, I had somehow been waiting all along for them.
thank you my lovely kitty for sharing these and even for the sweet teary smile!s.z. now august 2010

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