Saturday, May 8, 2010

diy springtime bird feeder

well, spring has sprung and i am not sure where you are, but over here in the countryside not far from the beach there is an abundance of
blooming flowers
shorter sleeves
warmer days
longer days
open windows whilst sleeping
loads of pollen in the air
green fields and blue skies
the anticipation of summer around the corner
and birds
so we thought it would only be right and serve our feathered folk in a kind way so we figured we'd create a lovely bird feeder
which is working quite well to say the least...for sure a local, rather large, very blue bird would contest to happy days and well fed fly by' here you go...

1. take one medium to large pinecone
2.slather it with peanut butter of your choosing (meaning you could go the rather inexpensive route or do a higher end organic kind)

3. slather means get it in all the nooks and crannies of that pinecone

4. then roll around in a bowl of universal blend bird seed
5. hang with some fishing line from a visible spot outside a window (we opted for the kitchen) and watch as your home becomes the most popular dining spot in town amongst the lovely flying folk.

this will be a messy project, which is a huge part of the fun so get down and peanut buttery, bird seedy and have fun!

happy spring!

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  1. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly:

    London hasn't peeked in on your site in so many months. You are such a GOOD mom!!!!!